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 Yes, the man in the middle with his arm around my lovely wife is Thomas Mangelsen - THE TOM MANGELSENworld-renowned photographer. I have long admired his work and have had the pleasure to meet him several times. He continually inspires me to work hard at my craft and try to produce work that will stand the test of time.


I grew up in Chicago, the son (and brother) of lifelong Eastman Kodak employees. Every event in our family was marked by a formal photography session - a 35mm camera, a flood light and several rolls of film. I'd been exposed to commercial photography from a very early age, and began taking my own pictures every chance I got beginning in my teenage years.


As an employee of Kodak myself during summers in college and then full-time when I graduated from college; I was sent to numerous events in and around Chicago - simply to test film and cameras. I had no idea what a perk that was and how it further cemented the lifelong photography bug in me. Over the years, without any real formal training, I developed my skills to capture images that are distinctive.


When I moved to Nebraska in 1981 I fell in love with the beauty this part of the country offered. In my travels, I am always seeking out unique and unusual images - images that I hope others will enjoy displaying in their home or office.


My goal is to recreate what my eye sees so that the image stands out. Yes, digital cameras and even camera phones have made it easier for almost anyone to take pictures. But the secret is seeing that image in a light that will stand the test of time. After all, isn't the purpose of a picture to make time stand still? I hope you agree that the images on my website will stand that test.


Thank you for stopping by.


CountrySide Art Fair - 2019

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Omaha Summer Arts Festival              

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12/19/2017 - Digital Photo Magazine's Photo of the Day - FlatIron Cafe.

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